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Patient Education Resources
Note: Links are provided as a service.They are not an endorsement of the information on those sites. /  WebLink
Help for addiction to narcotics /  WebLink
Free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Site (CBT) /  WebLink

Frequently Asked Questions
Medline Search Mental Health /  WebLink
Mental health and self help information/books /  WebLink

New Patient Information
You ARE fortunate /  WebLink

Medical Search Databases
Cochrane database /  WebLink
tripwire database /  WebLink
National Library of Medicine Databases /  WebLink
National Guideline Clearinghouse /  WebLink
emedicinehealth: References /  WebLink
Find a Child/Adolesc Psychiatrist /  WebLink
SearchMedica /  WebLink

National Organizations
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism /  WebLink
NatCouncilAlcoholismDrug DependenceTampa NCADD /  WebLink
Support the Silver Ribbon Coalition /  WebLink
American Psychiatric Association /  WebLink
National Depressive and Bipolar Support Alliance /  WebLink
Alcoholics Anonymous /  WebLink
National Institute for Drug Abuse /  WebLink
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration /  WebLink
National Institute of Mental Health /  WebLink
Royal College of Psychiatrists London England /  WebLink
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) /  WebLink
National Mental Health Association /  WebLink
National Institute on Drug Abuse /  WebLink
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism /  WebLink

Social Anxiety Institute /  WebLink
Medline Help: Anxiety /  WebLink
Medline Help: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder /  WebLink
Medline Help: Panic /  WebLink
Medline Help: Phobias + Social Phobia /  WebLink
Medline Help: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder /  WebLink
Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous /  WebLink
Obsessive Compulsive Foundation /  WebLink
Anxiety Disorders Association of America /  WebLink

MedlineHelp:Depression /  WebLink
Men and Depression NIMH /  WebLink
Govt. Antidepressant Suicide Advisory /  WebLink
Vagal Nerve Stimulator for Resistant Depression /  WebLink
Seasonal Affective Disorder.  /  WebLink
Depression Self Assesment /  WebLink
Families of Kids with mood & Anxiety Disorders /  WebLink
Tampa Bay Depressive and Bipolar Support Alliance /  WebLink
Depression Sanctuary /  WebLink

Bipolar Disorder
Dr Goldberg Depression/Bipolar Central /  WebLink
Medline Help: Bipolar Disorder /  WebLink
Lilly Help for Bipolar Pts and families /  WebLink
Bipolar for Significant others /  WebLink
Dr Phelps' Bipolar Pages /  WebLink
MacMan Dep/Bipol site /  WebLink
MentalHealth Family Tree /  WebLink
Mass General Bipolar Information/resources /  WebLink
Depressive and Bipolar Support Alliance Tampa Bay /  WebLink
Bipolar Sanctuary /  WebLink

Self test: Do you drink to much? /  WebLink
What are the signs of Alcoholism? /  WebLink
Drinkers Checkup. Web based eval and recommendations /  WebLink
Alcohol assesment /  WebLink
Live outside the bottle /  WebLink
Rethinking Drinking /  WebLink

Illegal Drugs
Post Hallucinogen Perceptual Disorder /  WebLink
Parents: The Antidrug /  WebLink
The Vaults of Erowid (Drug Information) /  WebLink

Drug Testing
Amer Assoc Medical Review Officers /  WebLink
Pill Identifier /  WebLink
Drug Testing Kits /  WebLink

Addiction/ Recovery
Meds for Alcoholism /  WebLink
Gamblers Anonymous /  WebLink
Gamblers Anonymous Florida Meetings /  WebLink
NA Tampa Funcoast /  WebLink
NA Pinellas /  WebLink
Secular Organisation for Sobriety SOS /  WebLink
Treatment provider finder(SAMHSA) /  WebLink
Jointogether.org :Subs Abuse (+Gun violence) News /  WebLink
Marijuana Anonymous /  WebLink
Web of Addiction (useful links) /  WebLink
Faces and Voices of Recovery Advocacy Group /  WebLink
Moderation Management /  WebLink
Alcohol/drug Validated questionnaires /  WebLink
"SMART Recovery". Abstinence based, non AA /  WebLink
Behavioral Treatment + monitoring for alcohol problems  /  WebLink
Alcohol self monitoring software: Free! /  WebLink
AA Big Book search engine /  WebLink
Dual Recovery Anonymous /  WebLink
Hazelden :Resources /  WebLink
Sex &Love Addicts :Tampa Bay (SLAA) /  WebLink
Evidence Based Addiction Treatment /  WebLink
Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling /  WebLink
Christians in Recovery. Online services /  WebLink
Co-Occurring Disorders /  WebLink
Addiction Resource Council list /  WebLink
AlAnon Tampa Bay /  WebLink
Understanding addiction: HBO /  WebLink
AAOnline meeting /  WebLink
Find an Addiction Treatment Program /  WebLink
Advocate for Recovery from Addiction /  WebLink
Methadone Anonymous /  WebLink
AA member: Medications and other Drugs: Brochure /  WebLink
Operation PAR Inc /  WebLink
Tampa Bay area Alcoholics Anonymous /  WebLink
Addiction Resource Guide /  WebLink
Narcotics Anonymous /  WebLink
Addiction Science Made Easy /  WebLink
AA Pinellas County /  WebLink
Al-Anon.Alateen /  WebLink
Cocaine Anonymous /  WebLink
Sexaholics Anonymous /  WebLink
National Clearing House Alcohol & Drug Information /  WebLink
Recovery Online /  WebLink
Florida Lawyers Assistancce /  WebLink
Dual Recovery Anonymous /  WebLink
Recovery Resources (Addiction) /  WebLink
Rational Recovery /  WebLink
Codependence Anonymous /  WebLink
how to stop marijuana use /  WebLink
Internet Based Addiction Treatment (egetgoing) /  WebLink

Quit Cigarette Smoking
quitting Cigarettes PhilipMorris /  WebLink
Quitnet /  WebLink
Quit Smoking. Government Helpline website /  WebLink
Try to stop smoking /  WebLink
Freedom from smoking: Am Lung Assoc. /  WebLink
Nicotine cessation medication: Am. Lung Assoc. /  WebLink
Smoke Clinic /  WebLink