Dr Michael Sheehan  


Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorders
I have been an investigator in more than 20 funded psychopharmacological trials of medications to treat these disorders. I served on the Board of the Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive Association, and also as advisor to the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association.

Chemical Dependence, Addictive Disorders
I have Added Qualification in Addiction Psychiatry.I was director of the addiction program at University of South Florida Psychiatry Center from 1987, and am currently Medical Director of Operation PAR, a nationally recognized addiction treatment center since 1994. I am Principal Investigator currently in a NIDA funded Research programs in addiction treatment, and have been involved in quite a number of other addiction research projects in the past including 2 other NIDA funded studies.

Suboxone Treatment
Treatment of opiate dependence, both detox and maintenance. Special rates apply.

Care Philosophy

I see each person as an individual functioning in his or her family and community. It is my role to help each person to function to his or her maximum potential. To that end, I perform a thorough assessment and identify the barriers that inhibit his or her optimal health. With diagnosis, treatment and ongoing monitoring, I endeavour to help maximize one's biological, psychological and social and spiritual potential.